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Upcoming Events

These are Community Events that I will be participating in.  Please visit my booth and mentioned you saw this on my blog and you will get 10% off your purchase!

Event 2 – October 9th – 9am – 4pm – Hope United Methodist Church – Craft & Gift Show

Address:  2200 Little Road
Trinity, FL  34655
Event 3 – October 15th –
Lexington Oaks Community Center parking lot
26304 Lexington Oaks Blvd, Wesley Chapel
Join us for a fund raising event for the LOWC charities
Event 4 – October 23rd – Bella Beauties Pageant
Benefit Pageant for Feeding America Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center
11:00 a.m.
Event 5 – St. Timothy’s Holiday Boutique – November 13th

St Timothy’s Women’s Club Holiday Boutique 

St. Timothy’s Catholic Church
17512 Lakeshore Road
south of Van Dyke Road in Lutz

Saturday, Nov. 13th
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.
Rain or Shine

150 vendors of crafted & fine quality items,
bake sale, plant sale, pilates, digital slot car
racing, 50/50 raffle, raffle for a Bucs or Rays
style sports quilt, free hourly shoppers’
raffle, food, plus  entertainment by
Jim Dohr, Alia & Shea

Free Admission And Parking

Event 6 – Village Fest 2010 – November 20th – 10am – 4pm
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When you need fragrance on the go!

Suddenly Scented®
When you need fragrance on the go or in a space where burning a candle doesn’t make sense, Gold Canyon has a wide variety of convenient solutions.

Suddenly Scented

Suddenly Scented

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Go Green and Feel Good!

What better time than SPRING time to go green and feel good! Check out our special GREEN products!  Once you start using our Homeology products  you won’t stop!  They are incredible….and SAFE.

What better time than SPRING time to go green and feel good!

What better time than SPRING time to go green and feel good!

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Start Your Own Gold Canyon Candle Business!

If you have been looking for a unique, fun company offering a truly ground floor opportunity, then please take the time learn more about the World’s Finest ™

It’s an exciting time to join our fast growing company. Please check out our monthly promotions that are listed on my website to see what the “joining offer” is.

Build your business locally, online, via home or office parties, one on one and etc. The possibilities are endless for those who are dedicated to working and growing their business.

Our Demonstrator Guidebook provides complete details, free and with no obligation, to assist you in determining whether you want to join us as an Independent Consultant. Be sure to read our Guidebook completely…it details how you can get started, the compensation plan and the variety of ways you can begin growing your business.

Our company is exciting in a number of ways…

* Quality products at affordable pricing.
* An established company with lots of growth potential.
* Exclusive Team Member training area.
* You can build long-term residual income.
* Live and recorded training calls.

In addition, our team offers a very active team training website with valuable tools that you can download.
Find out more about our business. Please email me for further information.

Marianne Becker
Independent Demonstrator
Gold Canyon Candles

P.S. We respect your privacy and will hold your personal information in the strictest confidence, using it only to provide you with details about our business. We do not share your information with any other organization or company.

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TEN Reasons to Use Gold Canyon Candles

1. Incredible Fragrance and Outstanding Quality! – You will not find a stronger scented candle on the market today. Our candles are packed with as much aromatic fragrance as possible to give you a burning experience unlike any other!

2. Lead-free Double Wicks – In any Gold Canyon Candle larger than a 5oz, you will find double wicks. This allows your candle to liquefy and burn evenly the whole way across the top. No more pushing unburned wax down from the side of the jars!

3. 100% Fragrance!! – This means that our candles are as fragrant at the bottom as they are at the top. Every inch of our candle wax is fragranced.

4. Cool Burning Wax – If you are concerned about burning candles with small children around, don’t be. Gold Canyon Candles contain cool wax which, if spilled on skin, will be warm but will not burn.

5. Safety Wicks – Each Gold Canyon Candle comes with safety wicks. This means that when there is about 1/2″ of wax left in the candle, the wick will not light or will extinguish if burning. An extra ounce of wax is poured into each candle to accommodate this feature.

6. 100% Edible – Edible??!! Yes, if your small child happened to decide to munch on a candle, the wax is 100% edible and non-toxic.

7. Outstanding Selection – During any given season, Gold Canyon features approximately 100 different fragrances in various categories. Our wide array of fragrances and types of candles ensures that everyone is able to find the perfect fragrance!

8. Great Price – Great quality does not always have to come with a high price tag. You will find the highest quality candle at the lowest possible prices!

9. Prayer Child Program – A portion of EVERY purchase goes directly to children in need through our Prayer Child program. It’s our chance to give something back to the community and we take great pride in our service to those in need.

10. Outstanding Quality – Gold Canyon Candles was founded with the goal of creating “The World’s Finest” candle. Today, we continue to meet this goal.


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